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ultra hydrating 'nose to the toesgrass-fed tallow balm

handmade // local + organic ingredients 

Pluma was created out of a deep desire to set our skin free from the ever-present, over-commercialized skin care options.

We desired a product that boasted natural therapeutic properties and benefits. Upon our deep dive search, we discovered tallow. Tallow, rendered fat (in this case, grass-fed suet) was a staple in the 'beginning of time' when all parts of an animal were used, (body care, candles, food, etc.), and continued in to indigenous cultures because of the natural therapeutic properties; tallow evolved to be a stellar secret ingredient in major cosmetic brands ... because it works! Pluma Skincare has created hundreds of iterations in almost 2 years and in our humble opinion and the testimonies from countless others - it works!

Pluma is a brand on a Spanish, Pluma means ‘feather’.  To us this signifies freedom - free of toxins, free of fillers, free of additives. Our life passion is to see all captives be set free. We partner with organizations and people that labor to set the captives free.  What better symbol than a feather to represent freedom? This is who we are & why we do what we do.

Spread your wings and thrive


Tallow is the liquid that comes from gently rendered (heated) fat, in this case local grass-fed beef suet  (suet is the primo fat located around the kidneys).

Pluma Tallow balm is free of toxins, stabilizers and fillers. It is full of essential vitamins (A,D,E& K).  The naturally occurring oleic acid in tallow just happens to make it one of the most moisturizing compounds on the planet!

Our skin is biologically compatible with tallow; applying tallow balm to your face is like giving it a hug. The tallow + sebum (oil secreted by the skin's sebaceous glands) on your skin match up almost perfectly to create a divine meeting. 

Fun fact: sebum in Latin = tallow.

Tallow is perfect for dry + normal skin. Tone + integrity. Wrinkles + fine lines. Rashes + scratches. 

We have seen and heard incredible testimonies in which tallow balm has helped provide daily moisture, alleviate acne, cure eczema and rosacea, and has served as a safe moisturizer for sensitive baby skin.  



I’ve had a skin care regime since 16 years old and have been using everything from professional peels to stem cells and many many more creams, therapies and treatments to maintain optimal skin health. Now 20 years later I discover this Pluma skin care product and so far I’ve found that it’s the most effective out of all my skin care products! I no longer feel the need to use multiple serums, moisturizers and hydrators. My skin is once again maintaining moisture and bounce like they way it did years ago :)  I now just splash some water on my face and put Pluma on my face (sometimes hands) and my skin looks radiant all day! I wash my face at night and repeat.Thank you Pluma skincare!!

T.H. California

"I get compliments on how I look like I am glowing when I wear it during the day- my favorite time is to apply it after the shower. It's the only consistency that quenches my thirsty skin"

L.P. California

I have always had acne prone, oily skin. Even as an adult, breakouts and scarring were common. I've been using Pluma for over a year and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It's softer, less oily, my blemishes are occasional and the scars have faded. I've even been told my skin "GLOWS" now! The cream feels as soft as feathers when you apply it. So suave!!! I recommend! 

A. B. Michigan

As a man I never wore face cream, but now I wear it every day. The cool thing about this product is that it literally gets better with age.I sometimes get a rash on my chin from my beard and Pluma clears it up every time!" 

R.B Texas

"I haven's seen my face this clear in years. Your beef fat works!"

C.S. Hong Kong

I put the tallow balm once on Sunday and once on Tuesday and the scratches (from cat) on my legs healed A LOT faster those 2 days. And I've had enough experiences with those scratches to say that definitively. 

L Texas

Mommy, tell your friend this cream works so well, I don't even want to itch! (ecezema)

K.S's Daughter Texas

"I tried the cream...really liked it! Great scent and doesn't go on greasy at all. Job well done!" 

M New York

Labor of Love

We create our grass-fed tallow product with quality + intentionality. We source the best 'suet' fat from local ranchers. Our hands on time with the product exceed 6 hours for a batch and we make small batches to ensure best quality. We have made hundreds of iterations in almost two years, waiting to strike 'perfection'. We slowly came to the realization 'perfection' is subjective, so we decided to launch with what our best version of perfection happens to be.

We live a life steeped in great joy by living out our faith.  Part of this joy comes from supporting organizations that labor to set the captives free. We are grateful for your support and partnership by purchasing this tallow balm. 

We use this tallow balm for almost everything!  Let us know how it works for you in your daily life!

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We hope you enjoy this product as much as we do - if you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide a full refund.

Spread your wings & thrive !